Monday, June 30, 2008

the concept of time has been lost.

im pretty sure i walk around these days completely clueless as to whats happening outside of my little world. i know some things though. i wake up when the sun comes up and go get coffee. i know that i'll prob sit at my desk and look at a map of pisgah or dupont and think about where i want to ride today. i know that at some point in the day i'll ride by myself, and some point in the day i'll teach other people how to ride better. i know i'll go to sleep after dark but well before midnight. i know that this is temporary and to enjoy it for the next few months before the lifetrain hits me full on for the rest of my year.

its good.

enough touchy feely shit.

im going riding.

Friday, June 20, 2008


It has been a while since i've last written some useless words, but too much has happened since fighting off a bear that i just haven't had time. im sorry, never again. First off, mountain life is good. great actually. i've got an awesome gig going with camp that allows me to get out and ride as much as possible really. we've got a new trail almost finished on camp that rivals anything in dupont in my mind and is literally out my front door. We're packing it in with childrens tears every day. love it! finally, i'm really liking all the people i work with at the camp this year, which is rare for me. i usually just keep to myself and fly under the radar in the name of secret rides off camp. all in all a good time is going down. pretty, your missing out on a good one. high five!!

i got my slalom bike all built up this week so ive been spending some time at the local dirt jumps and slalom track. i hadn't realized just how far my skills had fallen off. i guess 2 years of mainly XC riding will do that, but im hoping for a speedy recovery. riding with the crew up here it shouldn't take too long i don't think. we'll just have to see. i def have no style over jumps and goon air (super T) a lot of the time. lame. at least i can pedal!!

i'll post up pics of the dual course soon, im bringing the camera sun.