Wednesday, August 20, 2008

and now for something completely different..

i'm busy moving things and taking care of buisness this week so lists have been a big part of my life right now. lets keep with the spirit of organization, shall we?

  1. As of today i am offically unemployed. Am i looking for a job? kinda, but not really. im looking forward to riding a bit and getting ready for this college racing buisness. if anyone has some side work though i'm your man.
  2. my brother joey, aka the minibear, and pretty jo are supposedly heading my way labor day weekend with a whole crew of people. I like it, i need some old friends around for a bit. the all new life thing is a little stressful.
  3. my new roommate sarah is obsessed with mustaches in all forms, shapes, and sizes. this is awesome.
  4. im unemployed but not homeless. we just got a sweet old house on the edge of town. im convinced its haunted by an old lady, therefore i've paid rent since the tenth and haven't slept a single night in it. im a sissypants.
  5. i threw a rock at a rat today by the kitchen and stunned it. then dale came over and killed it with a 2x4, ala "Hacksaw Jim Dugan". it splattered and was grossly amazing. then we went and ate bbq for lunch.
  6. i no longer have a Singlespeed. im not worried though, it wasn't much fun up here. im gonna see if i can find a 26 wheeled frame and a 5 inch fork so i can actually enjoy more than just the fire roads in pisgah.
  7. Everybody is welcome to come stay at my house anytime. seriously, we'll leave you a key. just come.
  8. i've been hearing lots of talk of "training" and "powertaps" when im around riders up here. im gonna have to show them the very specific, guaranteed to work, explosive training plans that pretty, big mitch, and i have been developing over the past few years. you gotta climb the mtns of busch kids. more later.

thats all for now, i'm on the hunt for an old tire to build a swing in my yard. maybe a trampoline if i can find one. keep it sleazy.

dano out.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


new pump track around these parts. like whoa.

anyhow, this summer gigs almost over, schools around the corner, and im looking for a residence and job. i gotta get some treasure for the winter built up. my friend an i might have a house though, i'll know in a few days. otherwise shit is tight. i guess ORAMM was last weekend. didnt make it. i decided that it would be a little expensiv, and besides i had plans in asheville involving a sweet old house and some R & R with good friends. i idid want a good long ride though. i just dsidn't want to deal wuth the race crowds. so i got dropped off at bent creek and rode home to brevard. took about 5 hrs with a bit of it backtraking from a wrong turn. all good!! its got me thinking about my grand trip idea, a multiday trip across the appalchians and a few states but all off road if i can and self supported. its totally possible in my mind. i'll be talking to some people soon. this needs to get done.

Oh i dont think i ever mentioned this but i'm starting at Brevard College this fall. do you know whart that means? besides me being dirt poor for the next couple of years, i get to race collegiate season. i've never been allowed to do that before and im pretty damn excited. ive been just lying low getting ready and im feeling a bit restless to see what i can do. this is gonna be fun.

see yall august 29th.