Friday, July 23, 2010

It's been fun

So I still haven't been able to track down the pic uploader so another word filled post, sorry. The weather hasn't really been cooperating, a tropical storm is blowing through which has kept the boat on the dock. I did go do a bunch of snorkeling yesterday and then go out in Key West last night. strange, strange people down here, the sun def does something to you. Fun though, and I might head back tonight if the storms clear up a bit. Its been a good vacation but I'm pretty excited to get back and put some time in on the bikes. This weeks been a really good break and I'm all pumped again to go riding, which is what I was hoping would happen.

Dano out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Salt Life

Quick update as I shit the bed and didn't bring my adaptor to put up pics. Maybe I'll pick one up in town so I can show y'all this place, its pretty rad. Anyhow, got in yesterday on a little prop plane in some crazy wind, it was a wild ride, stokage. Some Asian lady in the seat behind me threw up, gross. I thought it was a fun ride but evidently I was the only one. We tried to land three times and kept getting bucked around by the wind.

The house is rad, on the water with the boat right there ready to rumble. We went out in some rough water yesterday to Munson rocks but didn't get in cause Joey was pretty sure we'd get washed away. I pretty much do what he says down here cause he lives here half the year working as a fishing and diving guide. Its cool cause he knows all the cool shit that's off the beaten path. After we got behind a few islands and the water calmed down a bit Joey and I jumped in and swam a looonnngg way to a deserted island, which was awesome. I walked across an ocean on a sandbar, similar to what the Jesus did but without the superpowers and general awesomeness associated with that dude. After that we cruised back in a bit and tried to fish, which consisted of me putting food in the water for the fish to eat off my hook and not get caught. I've figured out already that I'm pretty much horrible at fishing, and my family is pretty much awesome at it. I guess it is what they do all the time...

We had to pull up the lines and haul ass though cause a squall was coming that we where trying to outrun, it got us though about a mile from shore. It was the second wild ride of the day for me but this time on the bow with goggles on getting pelted by rain, it was crazy. I couldn't see shit but Joey was just laughing uncontrollably and keeping the boat wide fucking open, I can't lie I was a little nervous but we made it home so it was all good.

Off to day two, Joey's saying something about tarpon hunting-I'm gonna act like I know what he's talking about.

Dano out.

P.S.- update, have a upload card. Pics tonight.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

So what if most of my hero's are the losing kind...

continuing with my love affair with Lucero, I just heard a single from their newest album 1372 Overton Park and I'm totally down with it. They've evolved for sure but damn, they still speak my language.

Check it.

Other than that, I'm still getting ready for the trip south, not the big one mind you, that's not for a few months yet, but the little island hop. Should be fun.

One last thing, if anyones looking for a new dh bike, holler at me or my roommate kel, he's trying to unload his SX and its a hell of a deal. Powertwinning ability with willmurrpuss totally included. Help a brother out and get yourself a sweet bike to.

Dano out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

5 days till I jump on my private Lear jet and head for the islands. I may update this sorry pile of a site while I'm there or I might just let it continue to rot away into oblivion. Regardless, good times are coming. Not that good times haven't already been had, mind you. I did race this weekend after all and i do have a girl with an accent.

First the Keys trip- Momma Ennis has been trying to pry me away from my mountain outpost for three years now to go sit on an island with her. I've successfully avoided the last two years, but this year she got me with the "grandma might shit the bed at any moment" card. So off I go to fight the kracken and fend off men in the bars of Key West. Should be awesome.

Second, Racing- It went ok. I had fun, which is a given, but didn't ride like I should have. It was just an off weekend I guess, nothing to lose sleep over. Hopefully the next one goes better.

Third- Accents are hot haha. That's all you get...

Dano out.

I hope I see this while I'm down.