Friday, October 16, 2009


"Don't care what they may say we got that attitude. Don't care what they may do we got that attitude. Hey we got that PMA (positive mental attitude). Hey we got the PMA. Hey we got the PMA."

-Bad Brains

a mental reconditioning is in order here. somethings gone wrong, somewhere a wire got crossed. don't worry though, i'm working on it. i gotta get back to the PMA. its lost right now, but i'll find it again.

just stick around for a bit.

i've had to make some changes for the better, so if things are different than the way i normally interact with you all i'm sorry, but trust me its probably something i have to do. try not to be offended.

dano out.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


its saturday, i just knoshed down a daggies double deluxe burger (it feels like a cinderblock in my belly), and now i'm ready to once again regal everyone with the inner workings of my life. i've been staying off the blog/diary for a while, mainly cause i've been dealing with real life issues that don't need to be spread around al gores internet. don't worry though, its all good now, or at least getting there. smiles, thats all we really need.

anyhooser, started riding my pedal scooter again recently, which feels good. not good in the sense of bodypain, that hurts, it always does when you first get back on it. its ok though, i'm having fun in the woods again, which makes me happy. the college race season is winding down soon also, which im excited about, if only from the purely selfish standpoint of having all my friends around on the weekends again. naw seriously those kids have been working hard, i wish them the best of luck next weekend out in cali-bro. bring it home to the dirty dirty yall, and then come home so we can ride bikes together.

been lying low a lot lately, needed a break from life. a positive of my ninja activities has been a lot of hangout time with my little cat CATFACE. i think shes got some dog in her cause she follows me around the yard and hangs out next to me while i chop wood. i've never really had my own cat before, but i'm not sure thats normal. she also plays with me like a dog, like jumping up on your leg and running around meowing and shit. i think shes planning on ways to eat me.
basically CATFACE is the shit.

well i better get back at it but rest assured i'll be getting back to regular updates soon.