Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Moonshine, marriage, swamps, road bikes, and debauchery.
that pretty much sums up florida christmas. i lived on animals from the sea and cheap beer. and i got married, to twins.
yeah, it was good.
dano out.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

this is really cool..

looks like fun.

I would like to do something like this in pisgah. who's in?

keller i'm looking at you...

Dano out.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Word on the street is that everyones favorite drunken buffoon Pretty Joe Melvin is graduating today for the University of Florida with a degree in mechanical engineering.

good job buddy!

This is the future of america folks...

And lastly, this is awesome.

we ain't afraid of no ghost!!

Dano out.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

shady kids

i found this little gem the other day and thought i might share it. we made this on a snowy sunday in october if i remember right. drunk? oh yeah. assholes? most likely. rappers? def not.

all i remember is laughing so hard i couldn't breath while we freestyle battled each other with chris typing furiously to get it all down.

enjoy, or not. some of its pretty horrible.

oh, and we sent this to everyone on our email list- grandparents, employers, everyone.


yo im livin in the 307,
as close as you can get to heaven,
i see the tetons when i climb on the roof,
i got pictures cracker if you need the proof,

you think your lifes as good as mine,
you got one bitch i got nine,
drivin here i wrecked my truck,
thought i was fucked,
but thats just my shitluck,

but its cool whe ain't no fools,
we fixed the washing machine using only bike tools,
every day i work demolition,
i tihnk about fishin',
the rich ass girls here got us wishin',
that we could be hittin that ass
brown trout not bass

bustin drywall for cash
another beer?
I won't pass'

yo this is dan,
i drove across the land
with not much of a plan,
but its cool i ain't no fool,
i'm livin in a place now that'll make most of you drool,

yo this is josh
with only one galosh favorite food , it's squash
if you want you can call me mc sasquatch
alex hinton I'm from cackalack
fuck with me I'll put cha on ya back
you just a bitch
remember thisI anin't hte nigga that'll take ya out
I'm the nigga that'll rape ya mouth,

yo dan's out in the west,
pullin' the moves at the park that y'all know best,
360's, turndowns, and all the rest,
i've been here a week and i'm sponsored by the park,
thats kinda weak,but shit, its cool i ain't no fool,
representin' florida an the locals can't speak.
florida rocks, we got the biggest cocks
,south cackalaki masturbates with socks

dan thiks he's cool this is josh and I rule
use the same line again you ain't even useful
the f.l.a crew don't drink beer,
don't smoke weed,
they think they're holy
I smoke so much green I bleed guacamole
dan thinks he's so fuckin cool
his fro looks like little ophan annie the stupid fool,

josh wears a hat from a gas station,
i don't see why he's hatin',
he's drives a stock jeep, thats kinda weak,
my boy mitch put 300 horses to the street,
shit, its all good i guess he's the shit in his hood,
but if he comes down to florida the only ass he's gettin' is gonna have wood,

dan how dare you bust the jeep
what're you drivin...air?
that's weak your bike tires may be 26's
guess what last week I fucked that many bitches
I hear it's been 6 months since you got laid
since then the skin flute is the only instrument you've played
don't hate on south cakalack
if you're a rep for f.l.a... that state's whack

yo josh don't be mad at me that you drive a wrangler,
it ain't my fault that you're a full blown dick strangler,
you know whatever your a lit major,
talkin shit like your some kind of player,
you know i cant deny your good with the ladys,
when it comes to that im kinda shady,
you know i can't help that i'm picky,
i just don't want to wake up that next mornoing felling itchy,

dan can't stand it,
he's an ass bandiit,
show him a hairy butt and with his dick he'll ram it
cause he'll take any man
he's got an ass like quicksand
give him two dicks
he'll jerk em off with both hands

shit thats good but this nigga don't realise i'm from the hood ,
i'm 'bought to give it to him good,
you think you got what it takes but you don't realize the higher stakes,
i got a whole crew that'll do what ever it takes,
chuck, austin, alex, and kevin,
rolling with these fools i think i'm in heaven,
but you know whe're all in the dirty south,
where te best thing is a chick with your dick in her mouth,
so lets put this shit aside an just ride cause after all we are all after the same thing inside.

that's right it's all about the try to get that high from when you get it right
the one that takes your mind and dirves it day and night I climb rocks,
bithches suck my cock
ya'll ride bikes and bitches fuck you by night
we're all equal cause the cause sets us right
my only beef is with the techno kdssc and f.l.a....
unless they're girls, we must get rid

holla shit theres not much more i can say,
alex why arent you here today,
everyone needs to come here one day,
if your not down with wyoming, then your f***ing gay!

Dirty south in the west niggas, Holla!!!

Josh and Dan

oh man,

dano out.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Johnny T

Everyone needs hero's.

Dano out.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

haha awesomeness.

Thick as Blood.

Thanks joey, i like this one.

the Internets been giving me some issues lately, hence the previous post of just a map with a magic blue line connecting the two promised lands together. let me explain this.

so christmas, hannukah, kwanza, whatever you celebrate is coming up soon which means i have to make my annual pilgrimage down to the flatstate and drink many many brews with old friends. last year i braved the open road in my trusty old truck, it made it fine. while the clampet does lots of things like start (sometimes) and stop (sometimes), i'm just not sure shes up to the task of 7 pinned hours home anymore. i looked up plane tickets, but quickly realized that was the world of the rich kids.

so whats a poor kid to do?

well, i got a road bike a little bit ago that still needs to be broken in... and it is all downhill home...

google maps let me know that it would be a 387 mile cannonshot through georgia to get home and that i could probably do it in 3 days if i put my mind to it.

looks like im getting my base training done in 3 days this year. fuck yes.

florida folk, i'll see you soon.


Dano out.

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