Friday, July 31, 2009

"I gave you a quarter, now stay on your side of the street!!"

the truck is filled with shovels and chainsaws, and we've got plans...

don't miss the brevard mtb race this year, it's gonna be sweet.

Dano out.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"A 187's in progress nigga, just as soon as i pull this trigger.."

-Eazy e

now that ive had a few rides on my new fighter jet, i can safely say its a stone cold quiver killer. climbs like an xc race bike, descends like light duty dh rig, kicks ass like rambo in his later films. its also strikingly handsome, helping me pick up the beautiful women that are found all over the trails of pisgah. well, maybe thats a stretch but hey we can all have dreams.

in much more important news, a ropeswing is now functioning in the greater Transylvania county area. its a beautiful thing. from now on ill be doing my interval training on the ropeswing. its coach Thad approved, level 2 USA cycling coaching type stuff. don't worry about it- when your ready you'll know. just keep humping that powertap sucker. I'll be swinging to success.

actually i don't even have to worry about success, what with all the new recruits coming in. they've already laid claim to all the wins this fall, which is great for me. all i gotta do is sit back and relax. its nice having the omnium monkey off your back, but i will say it ain't gonna happen on a khs xc bike. good luck with that.

as for the ongoing saga of CATFACE, shes working on some new moves that aren't quite ready to unveil to the world, as well as doing some max speed catclaw drift-point testing on the hardwood floors around the birdhouse. i can't deny that she's mine after seeing her affinity for a high speed flattrack corner. just wait till she gets in the dirt.

Dano out.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gangsta's paradise


that's the word that describes life at the present moment... screamed at the top of your lungs from the top of a mountain.

cause that's whats up.

big bird and i got a new roommate in the Birdhouse recently. in addition to the 5 broken lawnmowers and wild rabbit, we've got a tiny orange kitten tentatively and creatively named CAT. she's pretty cool and will go toe to toe with big dogs already despite her 1/2 pound weight. bandit is pretty much completely and totally fucked. when she presses her Y button canines hit the deck, and that's pure and total fact. here's a pic.

other than the looming and eminent violent death of everyone's favorite terrier, not much is happening here in b-town. everyone seems to be too busy enjoying the summer to sit around and type online diary's which is a good thing probably. captain america and i did go race bmx the other night, which was pretty fun but so hard. i never realized. oh and we got beat by a 13 year old. it was sweet.

that's it and that's all,
dano out.