Friday, October 31, 2008

I don't wanna think about it, i don't really care,

i don't wanna think about the who what when or where.

-Agent Orange

Ah yes the end of race season. I can't lie, I'm looking forward to a bit slower pace around these parts. Its gonna be good to ride around in the woods and drink a few more beers. The good life if you will.

lets see, we had a little race last weekend call Collegiate Natls, I'll spare you the details cause everyone else already beat that horse to a pulp. We got 4th as a team, i got 4th in the individual omnium and 3rd in Slalom, and we all froze our asses off and are glad to be home. thanks to everybody for their support this year.

more importantly, i built a new fire pit at my house this week. its huge and i could burn a car in it, which i just might do if it gets any colder. My roomie sass-mouth and I are trying to be all green and shit and therefore set our thermometer at 45 degrees for the heat to come on in the house. Its been on for the past three nights, which means death is imminent from hypothermia in my house if i don't wear my fur coat, short skirt, and ugg boots 24/7.

which i do.

because I'm from Florida.

here's a little shot of the slalom last weekend.

that's me vs moto mike from app state, dudes got skills.

it's a good thing i hit him with a toxic death fart 2 seconds after this pic and was able to out sprint him on account of him not being able to breath.


Word on the streets is pretty muthafuckin jo is heading the way with a group of rowdypants fun timers from the swamp city next weekend. I'll believe it when i see them in my House, but I'll be hoping none the less. if they do make it, anybody participating in the swank will be lucky to make it past our rest stop without being physically or emotionally scarred. I'll leave it at that.

oh hey its Halloween, the best day of the year. unless your a weirdo religious person, but then you pretty much suck so whatever. anywho, everybody needs to put on something ridiculous and go make bad decisions fueled by alcohol. its the cool thing to do.

This pretty much sums it up. Ian Knabe, heading straight for the mouth (or ass) of the beast.

In the spirit of the greatest holiday of the year i leave you with this band.

The Misfits.

Dano out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Brevard College is going to Natls as a team!!!

"all those Brevard Natural Disaster kids (a talented little cyclone they got a-twisting out for them this collegiate season)" -Kylie Krauss

thanks Kylie, we're trying down here.

One more weekend, its a big one. who can keep it together is the question of the day....

listen to slayer,

dano out.

Monday, October 13, 2008


strike first. - Casey Jones

casey jones, not only a famous folklore about a railroad engineer but one of the best hardcore bands ever out of the 904. sometimes you just need a little hate in your head and a little tobasco and whiskey in your belly.

conference champs were this past weekend in clempson kids. this was a last ditch effort for a lot of people to go to natls, and the last chance for me to get a win before national champs. in case you didnt know, ive been doing a whole lot of nothing this season exept kicking myself in the dick. im glad to finally shake off a bit of the sucks and actually ride decent. yay me.

What you can't see in this pic is the alcohol fumes coming out of my pores. delicious!

2 wins. slalom and dh. mom would be so proud.

oh i also sold my singlespeed, so thats like three wins.

and thad walker owes me taco bell. i just want that to be public knowledge.

dano out.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I got a powertap. check it out.


do you hear that?

thats the sound of hopes, wishes, and dreams being crushed under the wheels of the BC cycling freight train of pain that rolled through conyers last weekend. i figure since everyone else on this team is genuinely nice and respectful i'll volunteer for the position of team shit talker. someones gotta do it, might as well step up.

seriously though- last weekend all i gotta say is damn. i thought spirits might have been a little low after the grass field and gravel road racing we had down in dahlonigghaa, but i was wrong. good job team 7 out of 8 wins aint too shabby.

of course i still don't have a W in my pocket yet, but i'll keep plugging away.

A few thoughts about the races this past weekend...

  1. the slalom course was a little retarded this weekend, i understand putting things together on a shoestring bucket, but don't mark your course by using green spraypaint on grass and penalize us for not seeing it.

  2. wilson dude on the black specialized hardtail, take a fucking shower. you are disgusting. i'll even buy you some dr. bronners hippiefuck soap if you like. i understand not being able to wash your jersey sat night before the xc, but you made a dirty portajohn smell like b.o. I didnt even know that was possible.

  3. the xc courses in conyers kick ass!!

i've been cruising a few blogs lately and i've noticed the trend seems to be to put a radibonzical racing pic of yourself up with a phrase that uses words like MONSTER, PINNER, BRAPPP!, RIPPER, SHREDDERGNARCOREBROSEPH, ETC. It got me thinking that maybe it was time to change out the ol' header pic, but then i sat down and had a little soul search with myself. those words don't really fit me, i actually prefer living the good life, and so the header stays. sorry guys. one day i'll be cool, i swear.

Dano (quite literally in this pic) out.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

just one beer and we'll go..

everytime i jump something in the woods these days snot flys out of my nose and into my eyes. i love fall.

oh i forgot to show you my new cross bike.....

beautiful. notice the A-row position. damn thats fast. i need to stop smiling though, exposed teeth create wind drag. ask victor alber-he knows.

dude i just pulled my old cds out again and grabbed a masterpiece.

metallica- kill em all.

WHIPLASH is the current preride favorite.

dano out.