Sunday, June 21, 2009


Changed up the header a little bit, the old one was getting a bit stale. also had to remove the racing from the title, cause i felt like it. i'm a big fan of the new pic though, so it's all good.

lets see whats new.

  • 1986 ross mountain bikes are sweet.
  • leisure suits make terrible riding gear.
  • i jumped a river the other day, heard the dukes of hazard song playing.
  • jesus built my hotrod.
  • lyin low an straight chillin is the theme for the summer.
  • there's a sweet new bike on its way from cali with my name on it.
  • my head hurts from too much tecate last night, but overall the drinking is down.
  • this is a good thing.
  • i still watch talledega nights way too much.

go jump in a waterfall,

dano out.