Wednesday, September 1, 2010

holey moley!!

Hly wow, I ttally forgot about this haha! i guess I've just been busy. first and biggest time bandit has been transforming the front yard into my own personal jump park, sweetness. check the wastespace for pics as I'm way to lazy to upload them twice. its good though, I'm still working out the kinks in the flow but give it a few weeks and we'll be all good. jump jam/BBQ/front yard camping/epic trail rides weekend is coming down the pipes, details on that as soon as Tim (our totally awesome heavy equipment loaning neighbor) fixes the skid steer which in turn lets me fix a few oversites that are holding up this show. it'll be worth the wait...

other shit that's been occupying my time is racing dh bikes a bit, the post below sums it up well. hawksnest number two, mud spikes, air time, good time. thanks as always to the dirty bird crew for another awesome race.

last, i finally got a legit trail bike. well its not in my hands yet but its in fedex's and that's good enough for me. so stoked to bust out some big trail rides. I've already committed to the swank 65 so now my goal is to get the rest of the southern dh guys to do it too. misery loves company, and hell its got some burly ass terrain in it. lets do this.

dano out.


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